Lisa Ferreira



The start of a new adventure like marriage should be fun, intimate and loving for everyone involved. Celebrate an incredible moment with friends and family without having to worry about the finer details while tailoring to your specific taste, style, and desires.

We also do custom favours, invitations, cakes, and much more! We can provide you with any or all aspects needed to complete your day, including flowers, photography, d├ęcor etc.


Engagement parties can be a fun way to announce and celebrate your engagement. They're a great way for your families and friends to get to know each other. Whether your a friend or family member hosting the party or the bride and groom we can ensure that this memory is cherished for all.

We also do custom favours, invitations, cakes, and much more!

Bridal Showers

A time to come together with close friends and family before the wedding to share your love, stories, and advice. Finding the right balance between fun and practical is a challenge we love. We like to keep the vision of a unique and tasteful experience and even explore options outside of the traditional bridal shower.

We also do custom favours, invitations, cakes, and much more!

Baby Showers

Is blue and pink a little overdone or are you looking for that traditional feel? Either way our creative design will make a lasting memory in a special celebration for a special new life!

We also do custom favours, invitations, cakes, and much more!

Birthday Parties

Throwing the perfect party is easy when you don't have to concern yourself with delectable dishes, delicious desserts, or pleasing party favours. The leading experience for any birthday party is to make a happy and excited setting to make that certain person feel special on their big day and we thrive on giving you just that.

Themed Parties

If you can dream it, we can theme it! Giving you the experience of a lifetime with our finest aptitude towards production and design no matter the task. From a film noire party to a Hawaiian hula theme, we can make it happen.


One last time to do it up with your favourite gals as an official single lady! We can ensure it's a night to remember...or not...whichever way you want it. We can plan a night or weekend specific to the brides taste that everyone will remember!


Time to live up the single life with your boys before tying the knot! We can plan an unforgettable bachelor party that the boys can talk about for years to come. It won't disappoint!

Stag & Doe

Gather all your friends and family in one place for a fun night to help support the bride & groom. Games, prizes, great food, we can help with it all!


This is an extremely difficult time for all involved, and planning a funeral is the last thing you want to do. Lisa can take away a part of your burden and do the planning for you so that you are free to grieve and be with your family and friends as you should be.

Other Occasions

Do you have another special occasion in mind? If it's special to you then it's special to us, and we can make it just that! Whether it's a first communion, wine tour with friends, vacation itinerary to Europe (or anywhere) laying out all the must see sights, pricing, and transportation options, we can make your vision a reality within your budget. Contact me to see how we can turn your special occasion into a memorable one!